Brianne Ironheart

Daughter of the Brian Ironheart, Brianne's lifelong wish is to become a knight of Central. However, cursed by a powerful artifact called a Shard of Dagalus, she has for years been unable to touch metal. Will she reverse her curse, or will her valor lead her to even deeper trouble?


A charismatic and naive young dragon, Saya is an oddity in Central to say the least. Though we aren't yet sure why she wound up so far from her kind, she seems to have a genuine curiosity toward humans.

Lord Brian Ironheart

Brianne's father and a knight of Central, he resides at Ironheart Keep. Though seemingly aloof, he definitely worries about his daughter.

Sir Aaric the Halberd

A knight of Central, and a dear old friend of Lord Ironheart. Stories tell of how he could triumph over any many of monster, but he'd really rather not. He just made tea.

By Will Muzzi 2014-2019